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  • If you reached us, it's probably because you are an independent filmmaker who already spent much more than what he could afford to produce, shoot and edit his movie.

  • You now have the chance to screen it in a real theatre (festival, event, award...) and they ask you to deliver a DCP.

  • What the hell is a DCP ?! And more important: why is it so expensive ?!

  • We'll give you a few useful information below and we'll explain you how we are able to make it affordable for you.

  • In a few words, with the transition from the actual film to digital cinema, also the theatrical distribution of the movies has changed. In 2002 an international accepted standard for the delivery of contents was created, the DCP, and since then that's been the most common way to screen films in the industry.

  • What you'll see is, just an hard drive (or pen drive, for short films) with a folder inside.

  • But into it, there's every single frame and bit of your movie, organized in a way that every projector will recognize it and 5.1 sound, everything conformed to the requested standards.

  • You don't need to know much more than this cause we'll take care of it. But at least you know what you have in your hand.

  • The recipe is easy: we truly believe that upcoming talents are a real resource for the international independent film community. And to be able to make it, they need few shortcuts and some help. Especially money wise.

  • When the budget is tight, you have to do a lot of things by yourself to cut the costs. And now you are last minute for a submission of for the screening. No worries: we'll work as fast as you would. Cause if you'll succeed, you'll make another movie. And come back to us!

  • When we were independent filmmakers too, we didn't have second chances available. So we learned how to make things right, at the first attempt. And we succeed. Now it's your turn and we want to be part of it

  • We don't give you anything for free, just to be clear. But we can adjust to people's need, if it's worth. We're cool uh ?! If you think that's too good to be true, change field. You are doing cinema here, and cinema is magic!

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